March 17, 2009

He was like, what the heck are you going to do with a 3 foot fiberglass horse?!
and I said, paint it?

As if I need another project. But I couldn't resist. I'd have loved to go with a full sized one, but let's be realistic, where would I put it? This one is half scale, I believe.

She'll be painted to mimic the antique style of some of the older wooden carousel horses. Nothing bright and glossy. Right now I'm thinking gray. Maybe dappled. I'm toying with the idea of chopping off her tail and adding a horse hair one. We'll see how ambitious I get once I start. : )

March 2, 2009

Just when we thought spring was around the corner, we get hit with more snow. I'm not complaining though. I get to call it a snow day and stay home. Which means this project just might get completed sooner rather than later. All that remains is the saddle and saddle pad. Plus a few adjustments to the boots, and of course the raised browband/noseband. Having issues with the dye at the moment.

I am loving this color on Sally. :)