April 7, 2008

This is a project that I had intended to start at least a couple of years ago, 
possibly more now that I think about it. I got this stablemate truck and trailer 
when they first came out, thinking how great it would be to customize them 
to be more realistic looking. Well, they've sat in pieces on my desk until
just a few days ago. 

This revamped project go a new start after I experimented with body work 
on my car and ended up with a can of left over custom black paint. I thought how 
perfect for the truck! and off it went. We'll see how the paint does over time. 

Here are some pics of the truck in it's current state, and the primed trailer. 
The truck is missing the chrome parts as well as the little details, but they are to 
come. I haven't quite made up my mind on what I'm going to do with the trailer 
yet. I might have to experiment with some pin striping...